How To Get Approved Your Personal Loan

Once approved, you can get your loan through branch pickup, have it credited to your bank account, or ask the Managers Check to be delivered to your billing address. Tip : You need to check first if you qualify for personal loans before you apply. […]

How To Get To The Top Of A Facebook Conversation

Want to get to the top of the facebook page without haveing use the scroll up? How to scroll pages on facebook on a nokia? I have a friend in facebook and we had a conversation, i deleted that conversation and i would rather have him deleted it too. is that possible? that ? […]

How To Include Html Page In Another Html Page

the chmod +x pagename.html refers to changing the permissions of the file on the server. how you would do it depends on your environment; personally I use "FileZilla" FTP client, right-click on the file, choose "File Attributes", and use the graphical user interface to choose the permissions I want. […]

How To Fix Matted Doll Hair

Despite being covered in stickers & having a matted frizzball for hair, Pinkie was in perfect shape. Besides, I remembered seeing some tips on Pinterest for de-frizzing doll hair, and I … […]

How To Grow Potatoes Vertically

This year, we are growing potatoes with a vertical growing method. This is a wonderful idea for urban gardeners, gardeners with small limited spaces, and for easy and efficiency. […]

How To Keep Your Girlfriend Interested

You want to learn how to keep your girlfriend interested in you because you feel that she could leave you any minute. We have all been here before. […]

How To Look Good In Pictures Male

“A little bit of highlighter on the cheekbones and inside angles of the eyes looks good.” In a group shot, make sure you are all an even distance from the camera. If one person is closer to the lens, they will look bigger. 7/12. Pinterest Photo: Cate Underwood […]

How To Know What Dog To Get

Get your dog really tired before bedtime and it will sleep better. If the dog sleeps in the evening, then it is obvious that he will not be sleepy at night. So make sure that this does not happen. In addition to that, if there is plenty of exercise provided for, the dog will be […]

How To Get Rid Of Tan Lines On Face Fast

To get rid of you tan lines, simply apply fresh lemon juice on the tanned areas of your skin and let it dry. Once dried, wash it off. Once dried, wash it off. 2. […]

How To Keep Hair Smelling Good Without Shampoo

16/05/2008 · Best Answer: try washing at least every other day, with nice smelling shampoo (herbal essences smells great) , leave the shampoo on your head in the shower for a few minutes before you wash it out, and use a spray leave in conditioner...I also find that just leaving your hair to dry naturally without a dryer or hair […]

How To Get The Necromancer Amulet In Skyrim

30/04/2012 · The Necromancer amulet was made from Skulpty, the skull itself was just a piece I had picked up years ago at Pep Boys I think, once the oval part was sculpted and fired, I made a smooth cast mold Skyrim: Necromancer's Amulet BIG PICS!! […]

Warframe How To Get Control Module Early

16/04/2015 · hey i am new to warframe. i have farmed the jackal a bit, got all the rhino stuff, and since i have gotten to saturn the only material i am missing is a control module. […]

How To Grow Pumpkins In South Australia

When you plant pumpkin seeds outside, remember that pumpkins need an incredible amount of space to grow. Its recommended that you plan on a minimum of 20 square feet being needed for each plant. Its recommended that you plan on a minimum of 20 square feet being needed for each plant. […]

How To Get Cat Hair Off Curtains

Cat hair can become ingrained into fabric, but the stone lifts it straight off. Hair Remover Mitts and Gloves The Pat Your Pet 2-in-1 Pet Glove: Grooming Tool + Furniture Pet Hair Remover Mitt is a clever pet hair remover that has the extra bonus of doubling as a pet grooming tool. […]

How To Find Windows Mac Address

Now, even though the MAC addresses are hardwired in your network card, You can still change it with the help the help of special tools or commands. […]

How To Give Away Furniture For Free

24/12/2018 · Where to Get Free Furniture Near You & Online. People always think about other people selling furniture for cheap or giving them away on Craigslist, but CL isn’t the only place to get stuff for free. […]

How To Get L Egion Followers To 950 Ilvl

Edit: I only have 1 follower at 850 ilvl the one that comes from Champions of Legionfall quest all others are 760 ilvl max 775 outside of the one 850 ilvl champion so I don't believe there is an ilvl requirement. Just pick up the quest and head straight to your order hall to start the mission its always an 8 hour mission with no timer reduction trait. […]

How To Get Infinite Time In Csgo

For The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Infinite Dragon Shout usage without cooldown, how to do it all in here". […]

How To Grow Cabbage From Seed

Box: Extend your growing season The sudden arrival of hot weather in spring can spell the end of cabbages in warm areas, causing them to bolt to seed prematurely. […]

How To Find Your Phone Number On Iphone

25/12/2017 · When you sign in to iMessage or FaceTime with your Apple ID on your iPhone, your phone number will link with your Apple ID. This lets you use your phone number with iMessage and FaceTime on your other iOS devices and Mac. […]

How To Get Cruise Deals

How to Get a Cruise Deal. Prominent yet elusive, the perfect cruise deal is there one minute and, without exaggeration, gone the next. Travelers when planning a trip face this type of conundrum: grab the best discount now or wait, either a few days or even a month into the future, to secure a better package. […]

How To Fix Sudden Fps Drop In Csgo

20/02/2013 · Sudden fps drop. By nikpower19 · 44 replies Feb 19, 2013. Post New Reply . Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > Hello everyone, recenlty my computer started having fps drops on … […]

How To Get Rid Of European Paper Wasps

Vespid wasps (paper wasps, yellow jackets, hornets) are the most dangerous species of stinging insects due to their painful stings which in rare cases can be fatal. If they feel threatened, wasps will attack humans in large numbers. […]

Pixelmon How To Get Espeon

No Ninja, there is actually a specific number you need to get before you can evolve. It's 220. To evolve Pokemon via happiness, you must reach 220 it by doing the above efforts, once that is done, you can evolve your Pokemon by making it raise a level either through battle or a Rare Candy. […]

How To Get Airtel Smart Loan

In order to get Rs 30 Balance loan on your Airtel number, just Dial Airtel Loan Number : *141*30# For using this facility the balance in your Airtel Number should be less than Rs.5. For taking Rs.30 talktime loan from Airtel an amount of Rs. 34 will be deducted from your next recharge. […]

How To Get Rid Of Sunburn Redness Fast

Every year, millions of beach-goers forget to wear sunblock and suffer the sun's wrath with painful red sunburns. Dermatologist Dr. Erin Gilbert reveals one secret home remedy that actually works […]

How To Keep Stray Cats Off Your Car

This is why you need to find a way to keep cats off your vehicle. You can use a natural or electronic car repellant in order to repel the cats from your car without hurting them. You can also opt for other ways to avoid cats from coming near or pouncing on top of your car. […]

How To Find Out Who Is Garnishing Your Wages

The IRS has the power to garnish or legally seize any income you make to satisfy federal tax debt or taxes owed. Garnishments can apply to your hourly wages, salary, commissions, and bonuses. […]

How To Get Moe Likes On A Forum

1 vote 2 votes 3 votes Remove votes. You have left! (?) (thinking…) Talha Ch shared this idea · Sep 24, 2018 · Flag idea as inappropriate… […]

How To Keep Your Earphones From Tangling

If you want to add a little personality to your headphones and keep the cables from twisting and tangling, the answer may be as close as your local craft store. […]

How To Hold A Pistol

Where you hold the gun along the forearm is up to you. You shouldn’t have a locked elbow, but otherwise, take a grip as long or as short as you please. A grip closer to the receiver lets you swing the gun faster, a longer hold gives you more control and helps you point more naturally. […]

How To Get A Job In Europe

Has it always been your dream to travel and live in Europe? Maybe you should just quit your job and do it. All you have to do is buy the tickets and start an Instagram account, right? Well, not quite. If you want to live and work inside the European Union, there are a few things you'll need to know […]

How To Find A Good Cpa

Its hard to find good articles comparing the different paths in finance (CPA vs CFA) without some 18-19-year-old finance major that looks down on any job deemed lesser than Goldman Sachs. Seeing that I am currently pursuing a CPA, I saw a couple things that were missed that I think are important: […]

How To Know If Your Miscarriage

17/10/2013 · The Drop-In Clinic has moved. If you’re looking for advice on your baby’s sleep, feeding or child health, our friendly, experienced health visitors and nursery nurses can help you, here. […]

How To Love Myself Enough To Lose Weight

I CHOSE to get healthy because I loved myself enough to change my life. Not because I was unhappy with who I was before. I'm super proud of the girl who fought to get where i am now. I chose to get healthy for me, not anyone else. Love yourself enough to live your best life - start today! […]

How To Fix Dns Lookup Error

So DNS lookup failed because there is DNS cache to refer to the old DNS record. 2.Check the DNS record I checked the DNS record with the specified domain in the following site. […]

Halo 4 How To Get The White Asanation

This listing is for 1:1 scale Halo 4 assassination knife. These are 10 3/4" long and based upon the assassination knife used in the Halo 4 game. […]

How To Learn Spanish Very Easily

18/12/2018 · * Learn Spanish Speaking using an easy, simple yet comprehensive English to Spanish Speaking Course which is meant for teaching you Spanish speaking. * This is a English to Spanish Speaking tutorial which uses a systematic and gradual teaching methodology with very interactive Spanish audio sessions for each of the six dedicated […]

How To Get To Islington By Tube

Travel by Train from Clapham Junction to Highbury & Islington in 0h 44m. Get train times and buy train tickets for Clapham Junction to Highbury & Islington. Get train times and buy train tickets for Clapham Junction to Highbury & Islington. […]

How To Make A Tube Follow A Curve Blender

From Object Mode, select your curve object, and hit "Object > Convert to (Alt+C) > Mesh from Curve" Worth mentioning that after you do that, there's a dialog box (or open it with F6) with a "Keep Original" option, which would both make your polygonal mesh and keep the original curve object. […]

How To Know When My Canon Mg2965 Requires Ink

Power Reset Canon Printer. Before jumping to a hard reset, start with the power reset to clear any temporary communication issues. Unplug the printer from power and remove the Ethernet cord to disconnect the printer completely. […]

How To Go Fast On A Ripstik

This is another Andy Biersack love story. I ran out of ideas so I just made another one. Cj was just a normal girl...that Andy falls for. […]

Identity Theft How To Fix

14/09/2016 · How to Detect Identity Theft As a general rule, the quicker you spot identity theft, the easier it is to fix. If you learn you’re a victim after one credit card or loan is opened in your name […]

How To Get Rid Of Family Manager

solved Device Manager shows Microsoft Basic Display Adapter, can't install recent drivers (RX 580) solved Accidently change the display adapter to microsoft basic display solved Stuck at Microsoft […]

How To Fix Rav4 Door Lock

The Vehicles door lock cylinder resides in the door skin, mounted flush to the skin. The backside of the lock cylinder connects to a mechanism that connects to the door latch with a latch rod that gives the cylinder the ability to lock or unlock the door latch. […]

How To Send Follow Up Email To Client

Another practical and efficient solution to avoid any default of obligations is to send a gentle reminder email to a client for payment in advance to the actual due date. Do not be afraid to insult your client because your collaboration is performed within the business relationship. Besides, you can set-up a […]

How To Get High In Dubai

And just before I get tons of email to take this post down, let me tell you one thing: IT IS NOT WHAT YOU THINK IT IS. First and foremost, Dubai has zero tolerance for illegal drugs - any form of use or distribution of illegal drugs in the UAE is a criminal offense and is punishable by law. […]

How To Get Rid Of Jowls Naturally

In this VideoJug video, learn about jowls and the ways you can get rid of them!. Dermatology Basics. Dermatology Basics. Jowl Exercises: Facial Exercises For Sagging Jowls […]

How To Get More Xp In Pvp Rs3

Pay-to-play Woodcutting training. Edit. History To get to this tree, you have to run through the dungeon where the Cave Horrors are located. Run to the north-eastern part of the dungeon and climb up the stairs. Now you are on the island where the Mahogany tree is located. There is no bank closeby. 3 Hardwood tree patches are located on Fossil Island. Where you could plant 3 private […]

How To Get Alloy Plate Warframe

Alloy Plate - Semi-rare, more likely to drop off the Fossa boss Polymer Bundle Circuits Fieldron Sample Earth . Boss Blueprint - Hydroid Chassis, System, Neuroptic Ferrite Rubedo - Most likely to drop off the Everest boss, common drop in small amounts on Lua Neurodes - More likely to drop off the Everest boss and on cambria Detonite Ampule Oberon Parts - Grineer Leader Mars . Boss blueprint […]

How To Get Rid Of Excess Beta Carotene

Beta Carotene Tablets And Other Vitamins To Stop Heat Rash Published by Jacob Olesen If you have ever suffered from prickly heat rash, you know how uncomfortable the situation can be. […]

How To Get To Your Firewall

How To Enable Or Disable Windows Firewall Rules In Windows 10? Windows Firewall (or pretty much any network firewall) basically uses a bunch of inbound and outbound rules. Essentially, these rules are directives that Windows Firewall follows in order to regulate the network traffic between the Internet and your computer. […]

How To Know If I Got A Fine Qld

Demerit points are allocated to a driver’s traffic history upon: Speeding fines and demerit poi nts Can I get the penalty reduced to a lesser amount? NO. Speed and red light camera detected offences are deemed by the Queensland Police Service to be life-endangering offences. There are no provisions in Queensland Legislation for penalties imposed for camera detected offences to be reduced […]

How To Get Rid Of Dec Plugs In Hair

Sometimes, dead skin cells can get trapped within the hair follicles. When combined with the natural oils in your pores (sebum), a plug can form. When combined with the natural oils in your pores […]

How To Get Super Glue Off Skin With Salt

Lots of rubbing, more oil, more salt, more rubbing, more oil, more salt, no water, wiped with towel. Super glue gone. YEA!!!! Other sites suggested using acetone and I really would NOT want to put that on my skin. I would rather use VaboRub as one person suggested than acetone, but would much rather not put anything on my skin that I would not put inside my body -- hence the cold pressed oil […]

How To Keep Food Frozen For Longer

Keep frozen food frozen Deliveries of frozen food must be frozen. If you store frozen food you must ensure that it stays frozen. There is no temperature for frozen in the Food Safety Standards because food poisoning bacteria cannot grow in frozen food. For quality reasons, store frozen food at about -18C or refer to storage instructions on the label. Store, display and transport foods […]

How To Lose Fat In My Pubic Area

Attempting to reduce fat in just one part of your body at a time islikely to be disappointing. Fat reduction works like this: When youtry to lose fat, the reduction occurs all … throughout your body.Unlike muscle-building, it cannot be specifically targeted to oneregion. […]

Undertale How To Find Yellow Key

About Deltarune Deltarune is an official spin-off successor to Undertale, the cult-classic hit RPG! With new additions like Party Members, a magic system and the drowsy system, the game packs new content, characters, and adventures. […]

How To Get Bitcoin Cash From Bitcoin Client

Once you have received your Bitcoin cash, either from the exchange or by buying it from the exchange, you can use it any way you want, just like how you would spend any other altcoin for that matter. […]

How To Get An Nhs Dentist

Read More. A million NHS staff 'will get 6.5% pay rise - but have to give up a day's holiday' It means patients paying an extra £72 million a year towards dental services. […]

How To Get Over My Ex Girlfriend Fast

12/12/2007 · Well to get over your ex-girlfriend fast you need closure. In order to get closure you need her help. Chances are, if she's happy in another relationship she could care less whether you got your … […]

How To Get Time Left On Macbook Battery

My macbook battery showed Service Battery, its time to replace that old battery. Replacing an old Macbook battery is very straightforward. Shut down your MacBook, place a coin in the slot, do a quarter clockwise turn, and the old battery pops out. The new battery had a piece of clear plastic on both sides that needs to be peeled off. Place the battery in position and then give the […]

How To Keep Plastic Under Pc From Moving

5/07/2016 Desktop Icons Keep Moving!! Ganondar Apr 1, 2016, 1:22 PM Hello all, I am having a rather irritating problem with my desktop icons as they keep moving whenever my computer […]

How To Know Which Side Is Anode On Leds

with new LED's you can tell by the legs; the longer leg is the Anode. Also, on some LED's the "bent" leg is the Anode. "Bent" means they put an angle in the leg near the top. […]

How To Jump A Cat

A cat named Alley catapulted herself to the longest jump of 1.8 metres by a cat. This impressed the Guinness World Record adjudicators , who gave her the record. Alley is a rescue cat who people found in an alleyway in Chicago with three other cats. […]

How To Make Redness Go Away

How to Make Your Face Less Red & Puffy After Crying This will cause the swelling in your face to go down. The more cold water you can apply, the better. credit: Aleksandr Ugorenkov/Hemera/Getty Images. Ice cubes in glass. If your eyes are really puffy, put some ice in a paper towel and lightly dab your cheeks. This will also cause the swelling to do down. credit: Fuse/Fuse/Getty Images […]

How To Find Website Ip Address Cmd

Using Windows Command Prompt you can view the IP address of any website. You may also use the IP address to navigate the website if the website has unique IP. Lets see how to find the IP address in command prompt. You can view the IP address using the ping command. Step 1: Open Command Prompt […]

How To Get A Coke Fride In Your Store

12 Volt Refrigerators and Coolers - Call us for our lowest price. We are your one stop shop for 12 volt coolers, warmers, refrigerators and freezers. They are designed to safely, conveniently and inexpensively keep you and your foods and beverage cool, warm or frozen when heat or cold are a … […]

How To Live With Stomach Cancer

Stomach cancer is a slow-growing cancer that begins in the stomach lining and, if not detected early, can spread to the outer layers of the stomach. Afterwards the stomach cancer can invade through the stomach wall and enter the blood stream or lymph nodes. This allows stomach cancer cells to spread into nearby organs such as the pancreas and bowel and other parts of the human body. […]

How To Really Get Good At Bayne

Once you write really good content, you’re going to see traffic come into your site. BUT if you really want to flood your blog with traffic, you’re going to have to write remarkable content for […]

How To Get Bf4 Premium For Free

Click the download torrent button below to start your Battlefield 4 Free Download. It is the full version of the game. Don’t forget to run the game as administrator. It is the full version of the game. […]

How To Get 60 Fps In Any Game

1. Reduce your resolution. The resolution that you play at has the biggest effect on gaming performance. Check the following chart to see how much FPS drops when you play the same game […]

How To Fix Lcd Tv Screen

LCD screen tester (for testing eDP/embedded Display Port interface). With its built-in Color bar generator, it can test resolution from 1280X800 to 3840X2160. With its built-in Color bar generator, it can test resolution from 1280X800 to 3840X2160. […]

Roblox Dinosaur Simulator How To Get Megavore

Play and Listen i have been playing dinosaur simulator for quite a while and i always tried to find the easiest way to get dna quickly i just got the kaiju titanosaurus skin from [Roblox] Infinite DNA and Days - Dinosaur Simulator Mp3 […]

How To Make Your Baby Hair Grow Faster

I don't think there are products that you can put on your hair that would help it grow, they would mostly be to keep it healthy looking. Growth would be more diet related. Growth would be more diet related. […]

How To Grow Panaeolus Cyanescens Outdoor

Panaeolus cyanescens is a soft, tiny mushroom that grows in warm and tropical environments. The mushrooms spawn upon the dung of cow and water buffalo. The spores are black and the fruiting bodies are usually spotted with blue colored flakes as they get older (hence the name Blue Meanies). […]

How To Get Red Eyes Without Contacts

Non prescription colored contacts are also available for all costume contact lenses, great for Halloween and costume parties, music festivals and comic conventions! Non prescription colored contacts gives you the opportunity to play with a beauty accessory that … […]

How To Make Your Drone Follow Someone Arma 3

Arma 3. All Discussions Your squadleader makes mention of that but it isn't in the help box. #5. StockishGSR. Oct 27, 2013 @ 11:12am When you find them, you need to hold the laser on them for a few seconds before anything will actually happen. Using auto-hover near the ridge to the north then hitting "N" to cycle the different optics and search for them is what I did but it took a couple […]

How To Fix Netgear Extender

The Netgear Orbi RBK20 is a cheaper version of the original Netgear Orbi (RBK50) router-cum-range extender hybrid. You get the same easy on the eye design, same neat interface and the same super […]

How To Get Your Armed Security License

Once the Bureau has processed the application and issued the registration, the applicants security guard registration will be available to view on the "Verify a License" page on the Bureaus website. […]

How To Fix The Skate 3 Share Pack For Ps3

11/05/2010 · Skate delivers the feel of skating through innovative controls, authentic cameras and a fully reactive skateboarding Tony Hawk's Project 8 Reengineered from the ground up, Tony Hawk's Project 8 immerses players in the definitive skateboarding experience us... […]

How To Get Flight Vouchers

Gift of Flight vouchers are valid for General Admission and Junior Jumper tickets. General Admission is for jumpers over 110cm in height. A Junior Jumper is anyone who is above the age of 3 … […]

How To Get A New Writting Box In Power Point

Creating a PowerPoint Slide Step 1: Open Microsoft PowerPoint. Step 2: Go to File at the top of the screen and click New. A box that says “New Presentation” should appear on the right side of your screen. Step 3: In the “New Presentation” dialog box, click on “From Design Template.” You […]

Watchdogs 2 How To Get Enhance Jum Skill

Divinity: Original Sin 2 includes a brilliant GM mode, and it's great for storytellers who want a tabletop RPG experience sans the tabletop. It's plenty powerful, and pretty easy to use. […]

How To Keep Safe On The Road

In this Sustrans' cycle safety guide we learn about the importance of 'looking' at all times on the road and understanding the importance of making eye contact with other road users. […]

How To Get Khloe Kardashian Short Hair Waves

Khloe Kardashian short, wavy hair. In 2015, Khloe Kardashian debuted a short, wavy bob haircut. She went even shorter in August 2017. The look was a hit among fans and continues to get a lot of […]

How To Grow Reed Canary Grass

Topic: How to Control Reed Canary Grass: This photo is from a wide river bottom. You can see the taller grasses between the trees. Such areas are very commonly invaded by Reed Canary grass in many parts of the Midwest. This grass is actually fairly easy to control. 1st off, I love Chasing November. My question is, I hunt some river bottom land that grows up in 6ft tall grass each year. I […]

How To Get Fireside Card Back By Yourself

At that point, Joe says, he wasn’t expecting to get his full security deposit back, even though he was sure he’d met her requirements. “We lived in the apartment for five years,” he says, “and she was trying to charge us for normal wear and tear. […]

How To Get Mine Little Pony Mod On Pocket Edition

CanterlotCraft is a fun and colorful texture pack and where the main dominating color is pink. The Canterlot part of the texture packs name is taken as inspiration from My Little Pony which is a franchise of toys which later turned into an animated movie and TV series. […]

How To Get Windows 10 Product Keycmd

30/09/2017 How To Activate Windows 10 Without Any Product Key Permanently (100% Working : Proven In The Video) - Duration: 5:51. iTech Studio 19,047 views […]

How To Know If A Boy Is Virgin Or Not

If you want to read similar articles to How to Tell if a Guy Is just Using You for Sex, we recommend you visit our Sentimental relationships category. How to Masturbate a Guy. How to Tell if a Woman is a Virgin. How to Lose my Virginity - For Guys. How to Tell if a Man is a Virgin or Not. Related categories. Having better sex Learning to make love Ideas for sex Seducing Tools for sex . Most […]

How To Keep Slugs Out Of Your Garden

The moisture will lure the garden slugs out of hiding. Iron phosphate will not hurt your plants so you have nothing to worry about by sprinkling the bait throughout your garden. Remember, slugs and snails are most active in the spring, so lay your snail bait down early. While they may take some time off in the summer, they will return during rainy fall days which is when they lay their eggs […]

Xero How To Payout Annual Leave

An employee must have 4 weeks of annual leave left after the cash-out to be eligible. An employee cannot cash-out more than 2 weeks annual leave per 12 months. These changes regarding cashing-out begin from the first pay period on or after 29th July 2016. […]

How To Get The Red Carpet Look

With Avatar hitting the silver screen shortly, last night saw the premiere with all the stars arriving on the red carpet. Leading ladies Zoe Saldana and Michelle Rodriguez shone despite the chilly climes. […]

How To Get A Meth Business On Gta 5

Kill all the O'Neil brothers and reach the meth lab When you arrive at the ranch, get to the vantage point, which will trigger a short cutscene. Following the cutscene, use your Sniper Rifle to pick off as many of the O'Neils on the ground below, and on the balconies of the house, as you can before charging in. […]

How To Find Old Emails In Outlook 2013

NOTE: AutoArchive in Outlook 2013 works the same way as in Outlook 2010. Click the “Browse” button if you want to change the location where the archive file … […]

How To Get Life Points On Sims Freeplay

When you tap on the goals you get an option in the top left corner to watch a video and you'll get a free life point. Every time I try to watch the video the whole game resets and reloads everytime how can I stop this happening? […]

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