In Curtain Call, Chuck Braverman interviews a handful of elderly residents at a New Jersey retirement home for film and stage artists, and uncovers a treasure-trove of stories that opens a compelling window onto the world of 20th-century performers… the 38-minute film is too short by a long shot; the frequently moving accounts are filled with the kind of rich personal and historical detail that keeps you wanting more.”

LA WEEKLY, March 2001.
“Curtain Call” is the unforgettable story of eight
remarkable residents of the Actor's Fund Home in
Englewood N.J. No ordinary nursing home, these
residents are still full of vitality as they recall tales of Broadway’s golden age and what they have done
with their lives. Dramatically told by award winning director Chuck Braverman, this film was nominated
for an Academy Award®.
Executive Producers Steve Kalafer and Peter Le Donne Edited by Rob King
Produced and Directed by Chuck Braverman